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Jacques Muron

About the Artist

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Jacques Muron studied drawing and printmaking at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Toulouse, from 1968-73. In 1982 he was awarded the Paul-Louis Weiller Prize by the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. As recipient of the award formerly known as the Prix de Rome, he was a Fellow in residence at the Villa Médicis from 1983–85. His work, shown extensively in Europe, is found in a number of public collections.

Working near Toulouse, Muron finds rich sources of inspiration in local architectural and industrial sites. But far from documenting his surroundings, Muron captures a lyrical dimension of the ordinary with his abstracted depictions of familiar objects and facades. The artist projects a modern sensibility in stressing totemic qualities of prosaic objects, yet this is expressed through a meticulous use of a centuries-old medium. But while the medium is not new, Muron's approach to it is: the surreal yet slightly humorous trio of bottlebrushes (Aigrette, Crosse, & Volte-Face) show in the bristles and the twists of the metal handles a sensitivity to the potential of the burin virtually unknown elsewhere. Masque is a haunting "portrait" in which a latent presence is felt beneath an obsessively detailed yet somewhat eerie rendering of a fencing mask. Muron's drawings of pullover sweaters and draped fabric are also executed with a level of exactitude verging on the mathematical, but the artist's hand is emphasized with his careful scoring of the paper, using handmade, specialized tools, to create nuances of texture and light.

In September 1999, Fitch-Febvrel gave Muron his first solo exhibition in the United States. In conjunction with the showing at the gallery, New York University's Maison Française also mounted an exhibition of his work. Together these shows provided the first opportunity for an American audience to examine in-depth Muron's prints and drawings.
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• 1950 Born in Toulouse, France
• 1968–73 Studied drawing & printmaking, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Toulouse
• 1982 Prix Paul-Louis Weiller, Académie des Beaux-Arts, Paris
• 1983–85 Resident Fellow at the Villa Médicis (formerly the Prix de Rome)


Selected Individual Exhibitions
1999: Fitch-Febvrel Gallery, New York City; Fundació Josep Niebla, Casavells; Librairie Ombres Blanches, Toulouse

1998: Institut Français, Copenhagen; Galerie Arts et Lettres, Vevey

1996: Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron, Ottawa; Alliance Française, Calgary; University of Alberta, Edmonton; Le Majorat, Villeneuve-Tolosane (retrospective)

1995: Musée Municipal, Soissons

1994: Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse; Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris

1992: Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse

1991: Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris; Galerie Arts et Lettres, Vevey

1990: Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse

1989: Galerie Condillac, Bordeaux

1988: Galerie Simone Boudet, Toulouse; Galerie Bernier, Paris

1985: Villa Médicis, Rome; Galerie Bernier, Paris
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Public Collections
Musée Paul Dupuy, Toulouse
Artothèque, Toulouse
Cabinet des Estampes, Musée Jenisch, Vevey
University of Alberta, Edmonton

Burins: Catalogue raisonné of the prints, 1976–1985
(Stamperia Valdonega, Verona, 1985)

Burins II: Catalogue raisonné of the prints, 1985–1994
(Editions Milan, Toulouse, 1994)

Lenz, Georg Büchner, illus. Jacques Muron
(Editions Sables, Toulouse, 1990 & 1999)

Le Solitaire, François Bon, illus. Jacques Muron
(Editions Deyrolle, Montolieu, 1996)
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